The Maly Semyachik volcano and the evolution of its crater lake.

This project was conceived by young scientists of the Institute of Volcanology in Kamchatka, Russia. The main investigation will be concerned with the effect of endogenous and exogenous flows on the formation of heat and salt balances in the crater lake of Maly Semyachik Volcano (Kamchatka). Investigation of the state of the crater lake and the processes of heat and mass exchange between the lake and the atmosphere will allow us to evaluate the changing level of activity within the volcano. We will use mathematical models for the transfer of heat through the lake floor, as well as through the water/air boundary. We will also use physical/chemical modeling with special computer programs. In this project, a 30-year series of data on temperature and water composition in the crater lake of Maly Semyachik volcano will be used.

We are always eager to include knowledgable colleagues in our work, so if anything you have seen here has piqued your scientific interest, you can contact our group leader, volcanologist Sergei Fazlullin or our colleague in the USA, Andrew Logan, for more information.