Kamchatka's Climate

The climate of the peninsula is influenced by numerous factors including intensive cyclone activity, the surrounding seas, the mountainous relief of the area and volcanic activity. The changeability of weather and high humidity are characteristic features of the climate of Kamchatka. In coastal areas, the climate is maritime: winter is long and relatively warm here with heavy snowfalls and fog, and summer is often rainy.

The Kamchatka climate is as diverse as its wildlife. You will find a moderate maritime zone on either coast, a continental zone in the central valley with four distinct seasons, and an arctic zone in the northern reaches of the peninsula. Depending on when and where you choose to travel on the peninsula, you will find a tremendous variance in temperature. The beauty of traveling to Kamchatka is that all of these climactic zones are accessible to you. Depending on how ambitious an itinerary you choose for yourself, you will find lush forests, extreme mountain ranges, remote lakes, rocky coastlines, and vast tundra.


Month Temperature (F) Temperature (C)
January + 14/25 F - 04/-10 C
February + 12/23 F - 05/-11 C
March + 14/28 F - 02/-10 C
April + 23/34 F - 05/+ 01 C
May + 36/46 F + 02/+08 C
June + 43/59 F + 06/+15 C
July + 50/68 F + 10/+20 C
August + 54/68 F + 12/+20 C
September + 46/59 F + 08/+15 C
October + 32/45 F +07/-0 C
November + 25/32 F - 04/-0 C
December + 16/25 F - 04/-09 C